Suicide… People commit suicide for various reasons. Social, economic, political, psychological and biological reasons could be listed. I will try to talk about the common characteristics of these.

Perhaps it demonstrates the maximum value that humans place on themselves. It is the work of those that say “Everything, even my body, time-space and my future belong to me”. The more value you place on yourself the bigger the impact of hopelessness and despair. Consider, only God does not feel hopelessness and despair. And imagine what those who regard themselves at that status will feel in a hopeless and desperate situation. For example, a movie star who is afraid of losing her beauty, or a megalomaniac politician who is losing power, or an “important” person who believes himself immortal but feels that has come face to face with death! Imagine a bankrupt business man who believes that with his money he has bought everyone but who now suffers from cancer. Are there any examples that spring to your mind? I believe there should be… Try to remember what goes through your mind when somebody commits suicide. Are there none amongst you who think that the person was a bighead? We have to look at the details. Suddenly the person sees red and throws himself out of the window. Does he regret it whilst he is falling? According to those who fell but survived they do have regrets. They think of the social impact and/or in the case of important people the psychological impact. “How they will suffer for what they have done.” “May they be damned.” “They can go to hell.” Now let us also look at the thoughts that save them. Most commonly they say: “In the last moment I thought of my daughter..!” or “If it hadn’t been for my son…!” etc. etc. And you see that their clinging to life is a product of narcissism. They hold on to people or objects which they love more than themselves but whom they consider belong to them… Is it possible to take precautions to prevent suicide attempts? This question is always asked. In my opinion those under risk are obvious. Those who made attempts previously, those who seriously considered it even though it remained as a thought, those with psychiatric or physical illness, people who have suffered great material loss, or lost their prestige etc, all of these people are under risk. The solution lies firstly in getting rid of weaknesses, selfishness, grandiosity and pride. The reason why it is the biggest of all sins is perhaps because it is the last act of narcissism. I have a few final words to those who have lost hope… Even though life is something that has an end it still has to be lived. One should not forget that only God knows what tomorrow will bring…

Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan