The individual and society

The individual and society… I am aware that I am entering into an academic discussion on a fairly sensitive subject. I apologize in advance for any slip of the tongue. When you think about it, some individuals continuously feel the pressure of society.

Fear of what others will say influences their behaviour, emotions and thoughts. On the other hand, we witness that sometimes society feels the pressure of certain individuals, particularly those in leadership positions, and this can from time to time intensify. I don’t wish to enter long discussions which will end in a vicious circle. What I wish to say is that whereas it is an ordinary situation for “normal”, “ordinary” people to feel the pressure of society, those in “leadership” positions direct society. This means that on an individual basis, in the relationship between society and the individual, at one end we have society as an ideal structure whose orbit has to be entered. This is the case for those people I call “normal”. At the other end it is a structure that has such faults that its orbit should not be entered, quite the opposite, it should be pulled into orbit. This is the case for leaders. As always here too the optimum point has to be found. Is it not the case that in the eyes of nonbelievers everyone has to account for their actions in this world, and in the eyes of believers everyone gives account in this world and the thereafter, alone and naked. Therefore the individual should not go into the orbit of neither an individual nor that of society. I think that the reference point should be freedom. The individual should demand that society grants it freedom and should constantly push society to organize itself towards that goal. Society on the other hand, being a concept without borders, should respect the individual’s demand for freedom and should not be afraid of it. Consider, where is society when you suffer a bankruptcy, or lose your psychological health? Far away, is it not? In that case one should not exaggerate, and one should not go into its orbit. But which are the social movements which enliven our spirit? Are they not those movements that say “you are important”? I wish you all a life without entering anyone’s orbit and without trying to take anyone out of their orbit. I hope I am not wrong!