The tears of the old man

He was one of the highest souls I had met, someone I was proud to know. He had a post, he was a Sheikh. So was his father. What Gül Baba was in Budapest and what many other adorers of God were in the East and West, he was that for the town of Elazığ.

He was an intellectual. He had read the books of many writers and philosophers including Karl Marx… He scrutinised every question and problem with complete academic seriousness, he investigated all three of the Books. When he was at a loss he would go to anyone person related with the subject, even the rabbi or the priest…

He had published works. He departed this world before he could publish his novel “I Am without You”…

He spent his life trying to spread love and fraternity.

He was a warm-hearted man with such deep love in his eyes as is rarely encountered. He had an attentive, temperate, exceptional personality, and he knew what to do and not do in any given situation. Many worldly affairs he laughed off… They did not mean anything to him.

He was a leader whom everyone loved and respected.

I know those who had a closer relationship with God, and his mastership in encouraging those who were inclined to get close to God was renowned…

He had the ability to touch the hearts of everyone, from the kid on the street to people in high positions.

Every time I think of him a burning feeling of longing sets in…

My dear friend!

When I went to his home one day to visit him I saw that he was silently drowning in tears as if he wanted to spray water on his charred heart.

I thought about why he was crying and I understood. He had many loved ones in this world. They were the reason for him to cry or laugh. This time he was crying for someone who had killed another person. He knew that this person would not be accepted into paradise and that he would live in endless torment. He could not implore God to forgive him because it was all very clear. All humanity was going to stand up against him. He had killed them all, and that’s all there was to it! What more could be said?

What would he say in the presence of God? How would it be?

The old man’s tears burnt my soul… Only those who believe in both worlds as fully as they believe in the mothers that gave birth to them, had understood him.

Our hope is that every one of us gets the chance to leave this world without having made unforgivable mistakes. And as he often used to say, may both worlds be filled with bliss for you all…

Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan