Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan

To start from scratch

To start from scratch… It is really true that sometimes we have to start everything right from the beginning. At least for the sake of our mental health… From time to time you notice that you have become a slave of the system you set up…

At times like that the first solution that comes to your mind might be to reorganize everything. In the attempt to do so you suddenly feel buried under. Because you realize that you are a victim of your own network. As we all know, no matter how well you cut an emerald it does not turn into a diamond… Do not wear yourselves out in vain… Do not try to turn the stone in your hand into a diamond… You won’t find a way out. After this attempt you might start trying to correct yourself. Now all arrows point at you. You say to yourself: “If only”, “if only I was a different kind of master and could turn this stone into a diamond!” Unfortunately there is no exit this way either. I don’t want to beat about the bush. If for example your profession is not suitable for you, change it, let it go… Has your marriage turned into a nightmare? And nothing you do helps, change it… Don’t be afraid… Are you a follower of a particular ideology … Never mind. Change it immediately. Climb out of that pit. Who has ever benefited from any “…ism” ? Are these not the most inextricable nets? Which fanatic ever reached happiness? Besides, there is no age limit for stepping out of this trap… Would you like a generalization? In short, do not become a slave of the network you yourself set up. Chose to set yourself free immediately before things get tangled up further… I know, most of you are saying: “If it is that easy, you do it!” I too have “ism”s, professional preferences which I kept changing and finally stepped out of to a maximum degree. An example? I wanted to be a psychiatrist. According to my line-up of preferences my first test results were equivalent to the points needed to become a dentist. For reasons the details of which I do not want to go into, this is what happened. What should I do? Should I be a slave to an ill fortune which was not my fault? Of course not. I cannot forget the great encouragement that my dear wife gave me. I remember like yesterday how she said: “You will succeed not ninety-nine percent, but one hundred percent”. After having studied for 3 full years I changed my profession accepting to lose 2 years of study. It was a decision which required me to face up to all kinds of difficulties. Dentistry was a very respectable profession but my talents and desires lay elsewhere. When I look at this decision I made years ago I realize that for me it was the right decision. There are people who call it destiny and do not do anything about it. You can only understand what destiny is after you have lived it. Is not everything including starting from scratch a destiny? So why are you sitting around in idleness? When you realize you can’t find a solution get out of that hell. I now repeat what my wife said to me. You most definitely have a preference which you would to find yourself in. Provided your measures are realistic, change your course in that direction. Do not worry, there will be no devastation because you start from scratch. We should not forget that we are nothing more than a tiny point in a universal symphony…

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