What is the basic feature of a personality disorder?

If I were asked “What is the basic feature of a personality disorder? ” I would say “manipulation”, in short to form equations based on people… If you are such a person, you would use your competitors’ weaknesses and reinforce the strengths of your players, or more correctly your people; using a jargon: you would egg them on…

Don’t you think so? What a nice simple sweet story. In the end it’s in the bag. However, will you not be asked “How well do you know humans?” I believe you will be asked. And how will you, as the playmaker, respond if they say: What if your people actually weigh you down with their demands, or if the enfeebled competitors get together? If you are asked “what is the human?” what will you playmakers answer? A “playmaker” I know, who returned from a well known university in England with an engineering diploma victoriously gave the following response to this question: “The human? It is simple! Is there anything left we don’t know about him?! I said: “So?” He said “So”, “Is being a doctor really a profession?” I thought to myself: Heaven save us from falling into this state. I did not say anything else.

This is the point to which the playmaker’s victorious games take him.

Even if everything were known about humans, from the creation of the world to eternity, what about the happenings in the universe? Heaven forbid, you might think you are God…

Creating equations based on humans is the work of those who know nothing of the power of divinity and love! To create an equation like that is at best the work of brain fetishists who are self-involved.

Furthermore, if you think about it, to use people’s weaknesses is the biggest vileness. And to seek refuge in and support yourself with the strength of other people is to divinise them, which in one word is an impossible task, a polytheism.

On the other hand it is difficult to exit this road once it is entered. My friends, have a look at history. What you will see is that it consists of sad stories of those who based their equations on humans. Because there is one thing that is being forgotten, which is, that humans are far from being divine.

My wish is that people develop the habit of covering up other’s weaknesses rather than using them. And that they know that the human is weak. My hope is that equations are based not on humans but on higher souls and values.

Who would want to be the plaything of someone else, when the globe could be filled with love, where a little fear but great hopes remain…