Why is pharmacological treatment is not enough by itself in schizophrenia?

Pharmacological treatment in schizophrenia has effects on symptoms such as hallucinations, deliriums, aggressiveness, lack of attention and desire, emotional blunting, decrease in self-care.  Nevertheless, a supportive psychosocial intervention is needed for complaints regarding social relations.

They may feel vulnerable because of the disorder, they may have difficulties in objectively assessing the incidents they face.  On the other hand, public misconception concerning schizophrenia may deteriorate the patient’s motivation for recovery.

Psychosocial treatments increase the patient’s self-awareness, and their awareness on the disorder, and prevent them from putting the disorder into the heart of the life.

When they realize that they are more than schizophrenia, they may have new purposes.  These purposes may increase their motivation to continue with the treatment.

If they start to consider schizophrenia not as their identities, but rather a disorder that sometimes causes difficulties, they may consciously cope with the obstacles and prejudice the disorder causes.