Women in Business Life

The roles imposed on women by societies affect their abilities and the acquisition of skills. In many cultures, the primary role of the woman is to raise children.

Social studies put forward that these roles such as maintaining a household, looking after children, which are attributed to women, actually give women an advantage in business life. Because social support and the skill of maintaining relationships are higher in women than men.

In a study carried out in Turkey in 2006, employed and unemployed women were compared, and it was observed that as the socio-economic level of the woman increased the marriage harmony also increased, while the tendency to conflict was on the decline. Nevertheless, it was seen that domestic conflicts decreased the satiation of life in employed women at a much higher rate than unemployed women.

Another study carried out in Turkey in 2003 reported that women working as a specialist had higher self-value, felt healthier and more adequate, and had more flexible approaches than housewives and women working as unskilled workers. Yet the same study did not find any meaningful difference between the employed and unemployed women regarding the fields of arrangement of housework, physical appearance, athletic proficiency and close relations.

A study conducted in Turkey in 2005 compared the perceptions regarding the women having their own places of business, and salaried women; accordingly, it was found that while the salaried women were perceived as people working in short-term, unsecured, unskilled and low wage jobs, the image of those having their own places of business was far away from it.

In the studies, the “flexibility” factor appears as a significant factor while considering the satiation both in business life and family life. It was emphasized that the women of “androgen” character showing feminine/masculine attributes when needed feel more “achieved” both in family and business life. It was reported that these women had higher self-respect compared to those that are only feminine or masculine, due to the fact that they are able to tone in with different situations more easily.