Being Different

Farklı Olmak

Do you know what the biggest problem of fraternal twins is? To be the same.

Who can forget about our teachers saying “You are special!”? Aren’t the people we fall in love with the ones who say “You are the only one!”?

Only the dictators are ambitious about making everyone the same… Am I right?

So, which institution achieved success, trying to make everyone uniform? Communism? Fascism? Which one?

Let’s take a closer look. Which children willingly give in to their parents’ requests “be like me!”?

Which scientist, or artist, or which one of us doesn’t want to be unique, be different to our heart’s content in this universe?

In which religious book are good and bad deeds written in others’ section than that of a unique person?

But why does one want to be different? It is thought-provoking, right?

I think we were already different, yet we opened our eyes in the world of those who try to stereotype us.

And we, in fact, are demanding not because we want to be different, but because we want to be ourselves. We all scream, saying “Leave us alone! Let us burn with our own bad deeds, let us enjoy heaven as much as our good deeds!”. Now that the most glorious of them all made us different from each other and love us this way, how could we willingly submit to separation?

Well, aren’t the one ones, who cannot stand the fact that we are special, in ceaseless efforts to make themselves different? If so, why don’t they want us to be different? Why don’t they let it happen? Who knows, maybe their own differences would be clearer if everyone were to be the same…Of course, there are those who go beyond this most conscientious philosophical, psychological explanation… Are they trying to say “look, everyone but me is the same” to those whom they cannot stand being different and who they consider to be important? Do they want to show their existence to the dictators in their heads?

Do you know? Not a single power resisted the request to be different.

A special emphasis must be put on this issue in human psychology. I think this must be one of the main motivations.

Understanding that every human is different is a significant phase. The logic of population, which has continued for tens of years, is about to come to an end with the Bayesian logic today. Therefore, the concept of “being normal” is explained by “being unique”, and not by the compliance with a communal majority. The logic behind “There is no sickness, but there are patients” is based on this principle.

As a final word; all humans have defects. And that defect is limited to the one we have. It’s not and should not be a problem unless one horns in on the freedom of others, or on them being unique and different.

Merciful are the ones who love all with their defects.

What do they expect to happen if everyone is stereotyped as they wish… Where’s the joy of that if everyone played backgammon the same way… :)