Borderline personality disorder

Borderline personality disorder… Is one of the B-type personality disorders. The others could be listed as anti-social, histrionic, narcissistic. Inappropriate and intense anger or difficulty controlling their anger is a major symptom. They are in desperate need of people; the moment they are excluded they feel shattered. At that moment hate and suicidal thoughts develop.

Life seems without a purpose. They do not know what kind of a person they are or even who they are. They are in emotional turmoil. Sometimes they are happy but mostly they feel extremely unhappy. A sense of emptiness is something they know closely. Thoughts of suicide, jesting or threatening with suicide, cutting their wrists or taking an overdose of a drug, or other harmful behaviour is a frequent occurrence. Under stress they develop paranoid thoughts. They suspect everything and everyone. They are easily offended. They exert great effort in order not to become alienated. Even the thought of alienation is insufferable. Sudden excessive spending bouts, driving fast, drug use, excessive keenness on sex and similar impulsive behaviour surfaces. People are either idealised, put on a pedestal or they are condemned. There are many films on this subject. For example “Girl, Interrupted” is a well thought-out film. The reason is most probably biological. Like in PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), the hippocampus is small. The amygdala is also small and very active. The fact that it is very active might explain the impulsiveness and the explosive outbursts of anger. The prefrontal cortex is less active. This is the reason why they find it difficult to recall memories. Particularly memories of being abandoned… The solution is psychotherapy and drug treatment.