Can we bring back damaged cerebral functions with a New Generation EEG?

Yeni Nesil EEG ile zarar görmüş beyin fonksiyonlarını geri getirebilir miyiz?

It was found that a device, which was developed at the Stanford University, could help restructure the damaged cerebral functions by measuring how the brain reacts to treatments that regulate the electric current.

Anthony Norcia, a psychology professor who initiated the project at Stanford, says that the study aims to treat cognitive disorders induced by brain diseases and to regulate cerebral functions.

Neurostimulation, which is performed through electrodes placed under the scalp, is quite promising. Electrical stimuli are sent to the brain through the electrodes of an EEG system, and the electrical activities created by these stimuli are measured by the same EEG system.

Our brain is a complex network consisting of hundreds of billions of neurons, and anything that breaks this network, such as abnormal brain development or strokes, can lead to serious disorders, including epilepsy, depression, anxiety, visual impairment, chronic pain and paralysis.

Researchers report that the stimulation of brain cells changes the way the neurons are stimulated and connected, which could help the brain to form new neural connections.


Next Generation EEG Could Help Bring Back Lost Brain Function