Case 3

A 35 year old man, whose relation with people had broken down, withdrawn, inactive, who lay around lazily all day and had gained weight due to his medication, came to my private office.

During the first review it was established that the patient’s negative symptoms were in the foreground, in other words, rather than delusions and hallucinations it was other symptoms that were in the foreground.

After giving the patient and his relatives the necessary information and obtaining their consent, I continued his treatment with psychostimulants.

I monitored his brain activity before and after the start of the drug treatment in order to establish if there was any change. Clinical data surprisingly showed that there was improvement in the patient, even in as short a time as one week. In such a short time the patient so to speak came to his senses, became lively and able to express his emotions and thoughts.

In parallel to the positive clinical progress we also witnessed a marked improvement in the brain’s blood flow.

This case study is being prepared for publication in an influential international journal.