Hope and fear

If I were asked to create an equation that explains every kind of psychiatric state including the psyche-body relationship, I would say: psychological health equals hope divided by fear! It almost seems that one of the important systems of the brain is organised in this basis. The deep situated core called Amygdala seems to be operating fear, and the surface of the frontal part of the brain called the frontal cortex seems to be operating hope. We know that the balance between influences all kinds of physiological events, from hormones, heart beat to respiratory functions. This means that the balance between fear and hope has an impact on the whole of the brain and from there the whole of the body. According to our equation an increase in fear is bad, increase in hope is good… But we do not desire a situation where both of these increase excessively or become zero… Just look at the excessive fear effect in post-traumatic stress disorder or in phobias, or the near to zero fear level in antisocial personality disorders, or the disturbed balance of these in schizophrenia or in fact in any of the other psychiatric disorders… I wish everyone a state of balance that allows them to handle any kind of fear, and primarily the fear of death.