Money… In simple terms, a trading tool. Actually, it is a commodity. A European psychoanalyst whom I know well, once said: “I have undergone and applied psychoanalysis for many years. At the end I came to realize that it is all only about money!”

I however am of the opinion that when money becomes one’s goal, it can turn into a torment. A very rich patient of mine was complaining of having nightmares every night. What he saw in his nightmares was being left penniless and naked. He was waking up covered in sweat. Even when money is only a tool, there are still psychological dimensions to it which need to be investigated. If money is treated as a means to superiority over others, I would say there is some stupidity there, as superiority can lead all the way to dropping atom bombs onto humanity. When used as a means of reward, it enslaves the person, and it does that by affecting the deepest neural networks like the striatum and similar, in other words biologically… It would be more correct to call it dependency. Of the kind that takes over the person’s will power. What would a person not do under those circumstances! On the other hand, look at the huge gap in income distribution… What a giant issue which affects politics, economy and psychology… You see people, who every morning get on an over-crowded bus, and with their nose pressed against the window see the latest top model cars pass by. They either dream or they feel anger. I think of my own past, those first nine months I spent in America… Those days when I split a medium size pizza into 7 pieces in order to eat one each day. But I had such high ideals, hunger and poverty did not bother me at all. Years later I came to realize that a place to live, a stove to keep you warm and bread for food is sufficient for higher souls… What about the money needed to open a laboratory, if you are a scientist for example! One would wish that surplus money from state production would be transferred to areas like that. I believe that this is the right destination for an abundant amount of money – for it to be spent to open up the past, to understand the moment and foresee the future… That must be such great pleasure. Lastly, there are some people who say that “money secures the future”! But even the universe has an end; ‘securing the future is a futile attempt…

Prof. Dr. Kemal Arıkan