Sadomasochism: A Devilish Set-up

He was shivering to the facial muscles. He refused the tea he was offered. He couldn’t even hold the cup.

“What a pathetic situation.” thought the doctor.

He kindly asked what his complaint was. After a long while, the man broke his silence.

“Should I start from the beginning?” he asked. Although the physician stated that he would start by telling about the problems in his current status, he chose to start from the very beginning.

He was a chemical engineer. He barely found a job in a company despite having successfully graduated from quite a decent university. His monthly income was hardly enough. He also had a mother he had to take care of… However, he quickly understood what he was supposed to do, and he was able to work in harmony with other engineers who were there before him.

He had a remarkable intelligence and a mature personality. His demeanor and speech were serious and confident. The situation attracted the attention of the general manager. He was extremely generous in encouraging him. Obviously, he was going to be promoted to a much better position, with a parallel increase in his income and opportunities.

Above all, he was reliable and trustworthy.

His attitudes, his physique, his ability to understand the human spirit, his ability of empathy made him quite an attractive man. As a matter of fact, nearly all women in his office raced each other to get in touch with him.

There was one among them, who fascinated the young man. It didn’t take a long time to capture his soul. He was constantly thinking about her, barely looking away from her. He was getting in touch, not missing even the smallest chance.

Eventually, it didn’t take a long time for these two to find themselves in a hotel room. The man was raised in quite a conservative family. And he was passionately committed to a woman for the very first time. Making love to the woman. It became the concrete form of the passion. Regardless of the place and time, they salaciously seduced each other and had sex.

He wasn’t even concerned about the fact that the woman was married. They just didn’t care. However, as the time passed by, the man started to question her husband and to get jealous of him. At every turn, the woman expressed that they didn’t have e sex life with her husband and that she was already intending to divorce.

After a while, the woman discovered something. She was secretly finding pleasure in the man’s jealousy. She was indulging in being envied. She even started to watch for opportunities to make the man jealous. She took advantage of every way to provoke him. She told him about how they had sex with her husband the night before. On one hand, the man gave opportunities for the woman to talk, while twisting in pain and being sexually aroused, having an erection and forcing the woman to have sexual intercourse in that situation.

The relationship reached such a point that the man quit everything about his job and his life and put himself in a sadomasochistic turnstile. His friends, his managers and mostly his mother were apprehensively watching what was happening. His self-care was decreasing, he started to follow the woman’s relations from every possible platform, including his cell phone and computer.

One day, the woman said she was committed to her husband and could not leave him. She had a certain and determined expression. Just as the man was about to propose to her with the last crumb of will he had. And just as he comprehended that marriage was the only way to break that erotic but unhealthy vicious cycle.

However, the woman’s certain statement blocked all the ways. The woman continued talking.

“But if you wish, we may have a three-way life. My husband would not hear about you… And that’s how relationship would be.”

Right after this speech, as of that night, the man’s nervous system just couldn’t take it anymore. All of his vital functions like sleeping, appetite and self-care, etc. completely collapsed in just one night.

Unable to know what to do, he finally though of seeing a doctor, while the ideas of suicide and homicide were filling his head. This was the last move he could make.

The physician was aware of the responsibility he was undertaking. He literally gave the man an open check in order for him to be in touch whenever he wants to. He was determined to do his best in order for the patient to feel that he was indeed a valuable man. Until the moment he gave his private cell phone number to the patient.

He would mobilize all the opportunities the medicine has to offer in order to rescue the patient, who was experiencing an intense depression and anxiety, from the claws of the woman, namely the relationship they had.

The only thing expected of the patient was that he should properly recognize the pathology of the situation being experienced, that he should take it as a health issue, not an issue of woman or morals, and finally that he should hold on to the physician and to the realities with a massive hope and without any fear.

The physician judged neither the woman nor the man. He was only busy with understanding it, or at least with trying to understand.

It seemed there was a set-up. “Could mind and patience take the control?” thought the doctor…