Science, Us and Our Depression

Looking at the scientific situations in our country, we see that the scientific tradition has been interrupted despite the extremely bright periods we had deep inside the history.

Many claim that our religion is what causes this situation. However, I will not witness that this is true since there are examples of Avicenna and Sinan the Architect.

What’s more, I believe that just the opposite is what’s true. As far as I’m concerned, failure to properly interpret Islam is what causes these problems. If we were to properly analyze Islam, we would read. We would follow the footsteps of our Mother Fatma, who is famous for her curiosity over mathematics, astrology, and other sciences. If religion were to hinder science, would it have been possible for the Israelites to progress this much in science?

If we have another look at it, we have no problems in terms of philosophy… Many philosophers of ours, Yunus Emre included, laid the philosophical foundations. Thank God, we have no deficiencies in our ability to observe and in our intelligence. If there were, how could our people going abroad reach many achievements? Our mathematical power regarding the methods of analysis is known by all. There is no problem in the artistic aspect of the presentation of the data.

In the meantime, there is a point that I would like to underline: the problem of data storage is of serious dimensions.

Another issue is the fact that scientists are not encouraged sufficiently, or that they even get humiliated by some authorities. Those people don’t have sufficient economic and social means. Unhappiness and, eventually, depression are the natural results of these. As a consequence, the lack of systematic work, failure to do one’s job enthusiastically, failure to think healthily and lack of collaboration are inevitable.

Thus, it means there is a problem. These can be summarized as the inadequacy we have in our habits of systematic work, data collection and storage, in addition to depression.

All these lead to the idea “We cannot do anything!”, which then leads to the approach “We should ask Europe and America.”. Our scientists opposed it while the Golden Horn was being cleaned, yet those coming from abroad said “It’s okay.”. And it happened. It means we have a lack of trust.

The fact of a baseless elitism, which is frequently encountered, is another clue regarding the depression of our scientists. What’s up with those grandiose manners? Don’t you also think that it is an indicator of insufficiency? Being above criticism through elitism enables one to hide their deficiencies. Yet the door leads to depression, once again.

Our scientists need to come out of the depression. This, before anything else, is possible by having a healthy atmosphere, a fair distribution of opportunities, economic and social support, unlimited incentives, solidarity, compliance with ethical rules, being based on data that are cleared of lies, and by courageously attempting to do long-term projects.

It is essential to have confidence in ourselves. It must be remembered what we can achieve in the vitality of a national spirit. Let’s not forget about the days when our domestic cars and planes were produced.

Religious principles must be understood and taught in a way they constitute the philosophical stones of a real scientific structure. The Islam religion, indeed, is the last and modern religion that values science.

Actually, I’m aware of the fact that this issue is very open to exploitation, and I must say that everyone must keep an open eye.

In addition, it is required to do away with all sorts of factors that increase depression. I particularly believe that it would be proper for some authority figures to be careful, to show sensitivity and to stay away from declarations that might be considered degrading for science and scientists.

Beyond all, there is something else that I know, which is the fact that science is a perspective that is really valued deep inside the public segments. Thus, it must be known that our scientists, and the factors that lead them to depression are analyzed by the public to their smallest detail.