Sometimes a Solutions Takes Time to Find

Hidden kisses, playing house, school desks, odorous erasers… How fast the time flew. The girl was in love with the brightest boy in the neighborhood. The depth and sorrow in the eyes of the tall, destitute man were simply touching.

He learned how to read and write by himself. He was just four. As he was watching children programs on foreign television channels while he was around 7-8, his mother recognized that he was speaking English. It didn’t take a long time before he learned German and French as well. He had practical approach to big problems. He was like Gauss, who added long and complex sequences of numbers in a reverse order and multiplied them by two, directly aiming the result while his peers were only beginning… Without exaggeration, a humble genius…

He would easily graduate from one of the hardest Universities in the world and be a top executive for global companies in his twenties.

All expenses of the poor young man would be covered by his girlfriend.

After all, it was love. A love like the streams shining bright like a moonlight in the darkness of the night. This kind of love in this century… A love that is pure and clear, representing all beauties of the nature.

They got married.

The girl studied as well, she took the helm of the massive industrial line of work her father had. Her darling, her spouse was also there, right next to her. My God, what a mighty happiness. They felt like they were on clouds.

However, everything would be upside down in quite a short period of time. A psychiatric disorder would pester them like a dark cloud. The first attack was depression. A pitch-black depression. A total collapse. It caused the young man to cut ties with the world. Just as he was about the be free of depression thanks to seasoned psychiatrists, the patient would fall into the hands of mania. Contrary to depression, there was rejoice, self-confidence, etc. His expenditures would increase, while showing tendency to risky projects. His darling, his spouse would sense the risk, and they would divorce due to legal reasons. But he would never leave her. Never.

Then, he would be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Various treatment methods would be tried. But none could find a cure for the horrendous distress he felt in his stomach.

Where were those beautiful youthful years? Where was she? Weren’t they going to have children? Weren’t they supposed to see nobody else but each other, bursting with happiness? There would only them, and no one else.

Just as she was crying silently in every nook and cranny, thinking about them, she stumbled upon our physician.

When they first met the patient, everything would start with a hopeless, weak and destitute handshake. Listening to the story entirely, the doctor would note down the patient’s genetic tendency, complaints about inadequate social support, and occasional drug use. But above all, he would recognize that the trust the patient put in Turkish physicians was shaken. Grandiose played a minor part in this fact, but the gap in the approaches of the physicians was inexplicable.

Without delay, the doctor would refer the patient to an old but extremely experienced foreign psychiatrist of Irish origin that he knew well. Thus, the search for a cure would go international. He would consult with that physician. This collaboration would also be joined by the most equipped institutions and physicians of the country.

It would not be possible to achieve a result despite the patiently efforts taking long years. Intelligence, money, a great number of physicians, technology would not be a remedy.

But this relentless disease would not take away their immaculate love. Whatever would happen would happen.

The physician had also complete reliance in love. Someday, it would be discovered that there was a drug with a specific dose for that patient as well.