The Importance of Quality of Life

By its general meaning, quality of life is the convenience of reaching a level of wealth and prosperity. It stands for the individual having ideal conditions based on the place of s/he lives and her/his own culture. It means that the targets, expectations and standards the individual would be satisfied with are in harmony with the conditions, culture and values s/he is living by. In other words, this is the state of having no major differences with the ideal living conditions and the actual conditions of the individual.

Multiple factors are analyzed while assessing the quality of life. Living in a healthy and reliable environment, convenience of having access to the services needed, satisfaction of physical needs at sufficient levels (eating, drinking, sexuality, sleep, accommodation, etc.), a health condition that does not prevent the requirements of daily life, presence of social support, peaceful and stress-free living quarters, finding meaning in life, being able to work, production, and reliable financial conditions, and not being in need of somebody else are the factors that elevate the quality of life.

The quality of life may decrease due to various reasons; for instance, it may be on the decline due to a disease. Quality of life is considered to be a significant factor in predicting the psychiatric disorders. For instance, it was reported that low quality of life in the youths increases the possibility of anxiety disorder; and that the same increases the possibility of generalized anxiety disorder and agoraphobia in the elders. It was observed that the quality of life continued to decrease upon the emergence of these disorders, thus creating a consecutive process. Moreover, it is understood that low quality of life is one of the determinant factors in the prevalence of multiple disorders simultaneously (e.g. Depression-anxiety disorder or anxiety disorder-alcohol addiction).

Since it was realized that reducing only the symptoms would not be enough for a long-term recovery, more attention has been paid over the improvement of environmental conditions. It is considered that the satiation the individuals get from their current lives has a positive effect in decreasing the symptoms. Now, studies are being carried out on supportive treatments for an improvement in financial, physical, emotional and social problems in order to enhance the satiation the patients get from their lives, in addition to pharmacological treatment.

Our clinic aims to enhance the quality of life of our patients.