The Importance of “Understanding” throughout the History!

This time, I would like to write with the responsibility of a psychiatrist, a teacher, a father and a citizen. I am going to present my opinions about the current situation in our country and wish to give way to brighter ideas.

I never forget. I was in my senior year in high school. In Ankara… I almost failed the history class. The teacher made us memorize the book line by line, which I didn’t like at all. Eventually came the last test, a matter of life and death. The topic was the Ottoman-Russian wars. I tried to memorize. It just didn’t happen anyway. I could not keep it in my mind. Finally, I remember telling myself, “ If you are obliged to do it, then try to enjoy it!” I initially decided to understand the incident. I put it in order in my mind. What’s the problem? What’s the aim? What is this war fought? Who are the actors? etc… I continued to sort it. Then, using the limited sources I had, I started to look for answers for the questions. I won’t lie, I remember that I started to enjoy it. It is something near the pleasure I have in physics.

Think about it, everything has a reason. And considering the developments, it is just a game. A divine game where both pain and joy are experienced all the way.

Long story short, memorizing was not a problem anymore when I started to understand the case as much as I could insofar as possible by the opportunities of reaching the materials of the date. Some actors became toys for some other actors; the ones who fancied themselves as queens were in fact pawns; the background of the story always saw economic, political and psychological interests. In the end, everything was nothing more than a few simple fictions known to all. Finally, I passed the class and got a huge “well done” from my father. For what? Because I tried to understand. Not that I passed the class. What a beautiful man my father was…

Today, however, history is still a matter of process and a game for me.

I can see that the youths give way to despair and even get to the point of leaving the country in the face of a minor political and economic problem. In fact, if they attempted to understand and find out the game, they would tend to handle the problems with a great eagerness.

At this point, it is useful to mention the essence of psychotherapy. Briefly, it is all about “understanding”.

Then, it will bring along a series of mature defenses such as foreseeing the events, being patient and trying to take measures, etc. Spirits will cheer up and all will feel free. The darkness will end, and the light will arise.

As a matter of fact, the negative incidents that have taken place in our country in recent years have not caused despair for me. It doesn’t cause despair. Above all, it is apparent that we have a strong tradition of state. How so? It is apparent from the waste of thousands of pages and a huge amount of bureaucracy for the simplest of calculations… Everything is recorded and tallied. I can name many other things concerning the traditional power of the state.

In short, it is required to make peace with and trust the superego.

Nevertheless, the army, jurisdiction, universities and generally all institutions of such a state were unfortunately embarrassed for specific time that could be considered short in the history. Until the Chief of Staff was declared a terrorist…

Now I’m asking, can this state be an actor in a reflexive manner within the course of the historic process from its President to the civil servant of the lowest degree? Could it not be?

Who are the ones that pushed our state to the point of embarrassment, and why did they do so? The information concerning this issue has now been heard even by the deaf. Everything in its background is fully based on international financial and political reasons. The enemy owes its limited success to the greed and weakness the mankind is destined to have. The organization tantalized the greedy and weak, providing them with authority and wealth. This universal weakness is followed by the unhealthy interpretation of religion, unsuccessful opposition of the February 28th period, etc.

So, why is FETO collapsing? While answering this question, it is useful to indicate the determination shown by the President during his recent analysis. The rest lies in the courage of the people of Maraş in the war of independence. Having been in silence for quite a long time against the French occupation due to the ratification of the statesmen, the people put the enemy through the wringer one night and forced them to leave the city in the middle of the night by felting the shoes of their horses. It means the Turkish people have red lines. Beyond that point, they become tough on the issues of right, justice and honor.

It is apparent that we are not a nation to live in embarrassment for a long time.

Now, let’s talk about the problems our country has been facing in recent years. The state reflex will continue until the elimination of FETO, the main problem. This is a priority.

After that, the priority will be given to the improvement of a justice that will curb the greed, and an educational system that will prevent weaknesses.

At the final point of the process, our country will weather the storm through a healthy financial order, a realistic position to be determined in the international arena, and a ruling party-opposition party structuring.

In brief, the governmental institutions representing our superego are strong despite being damaged. We have our ego defenses that would cope with chaotic situations without being reactive or childish. We have no doubts regarding our adequate patience and belief that will deal with the dark worlds.

Briefly, it is not a time to escape; it is a time to fight for rebuilding.