The Way to Understand

Is it possible to understand everything at once? Isn’t it almost always hard to figure out the moves of two regular chess players, let alone the impossibility of understanding the moves of the masters?… Apparent mercilessness, stupidities that lead to the sacrificing of the queen… Now I ask, is it possible to instantly figure out what our holy creator thinks? Those who die, fall sick, get raped at a very young age, and countless others… Unexpected salvations, recovering from so-called irreparable troubles…

I can hear you say “What about that thing called science!”… My answer is: “Yes, there is science. But take a look at those scientific laws slipping through your palms… “Aren’t yesterday’s “absolutes” today’s dogmas?” The law that does not change is not scientific at all!” Couldn’t it be said so? There is a transcendental power the human mind cannot perceive. It certainly gives big and small clues regarding the philosophy of all the things it does. In the final analysis, only those who are generous get close to the point of comprehension. The limits of intelligence and mind are pushed. What I’m saying is that there are things to be found under the light of the mind and scientific methods, but without worshiping those methods, or exaggerating in an excessive manner. But without a warm heart, one is always away from the truths.

Those geniuses who are thought to know it all… How could they know the philosophy of the fate? Humankind has seen many geniuses, who were greedy, aiming to be immortal in a mortal universe… They lost their minds and finally reached their inevitable tombs.

But there are many saints as transcendental as Sadi Baba, Hacı Bektaş, Mevlana. They harmonized their hearts with their minds, sometimes shedding teardrops to what’s happening, sometimes laughing at the same.. Saying “This too shall pass!”, they meant it is nothing, yet at the same time, it was everything. They succumbed, showed respect, loved, got loved, and were afraid.

I’m thinking about all those mistakes, sins that I committed, all those behavioral disorders I had difficulties in understanding… All those incidents where I could do nothing but asking forgiveness… Sometimes I appear to understand which incident arises from what pathologies, from which dilemmas or past experiences they stem from. I’m reflecting on the day light I reached just as I was think it was all over.. I’m getting surprised at those times when I understood the equations, which I nearly seemed to be understanding.

What a joyous life this is, being able to live everything like watching an act. Trying to understand. To enjoy getting closer to the point of understanding from time to time. But keeping that humility in the presence of that holy entity… To believe that everything is going to be all right in the end.

As I emphasized countless times, to know that this life is a game, an entertainment.

Finally, to born cheerfully, to pass away cheerfully…