To understand the criminal

To understand the criminal… And what is crime? Crime is an action which has been forbidden because it is wrong or harmful and which in some situations is punished. From a legal point of view it is an act to which the legal institutions of the country have assigned punishment or security sanctions. The person who commits the crime is called the criminal.

From a psychological point of view, whatever happens, happens when the person gets out of control.

You are seduced and meet with a libidinal – sexual – obstacle and find yourself in an aggression – anger – related crime. The moment of crime is interesting. You are in a state in which you are unable to think of the consequences of your action. You want to announce your power to the whole world. Muscle power, sexual power, brain power, it does not make any difference. A voice that says: “You are strong! Show your strength!” leads you astray, or it is a voice that says “you are nothing! or a gesture, that makes you boil over with rage… I believe that every person has a crime threshold. I am talking about the many large and small crimes which we hide even from ourselves. So I am saying there is no-one without a crime. But I would like to add that there are many who accuse others. And I know that those with the biggest crimes are also those who act the most as protectors of moral values.

Once a person feels guilty the vicious circle starts. The same voice now says: “You thought you were powerful? There you are, with your hands tied and weak in front of society, waiting for the handcuffs to be put on. Where is the strength in that? You, yes you, you are an inadequate, incompetent, weak, helpless, stupid, and worst of all an unconscientious man/woman!”

Our subconscious is filled with memories like these which turn us into invalids!

In my opinion the turning point is hidden our exiting the illusion that we are strong. What we should believe in is that the human is very weak but to the same extent equipped with ambition.

As for cleaning up our subconscious, some of us look for someone else to blame: “I am not guilty, he is the guilty one!” You wonder if the personality of that person is intact. Others blame their past. And some realize the truth: “I am the guilty one!” they say and wish they are forgiven.

You realize who the most dangerous ones are, don’t you. Those who regard their crimes as a show of strength or an act of heroism, they are the pathological ones. Otherwise what would be more normal than committing a crime. Furthermore, God knows well how to forgive.